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What is a GlasSpace?

GlasSpace is a conservatory or extension to your house that is constructed entirely of glass. Even the structure is made of glass and these support double glazed panels are held in place by structural silicon, (basically glue). This creates a totally transparent glass building.

Why is GlasSpace better than a traditional conservatory?

As we see it there are a number of advantages to a GlasSpace over a traditional conservatory: It is incredibly strong as it is created from toughened structural glass. This ensures security, safety and ease to maintain. The structure is glass and hence transparent so no visual breaks between inside and out. Excellent thermal properties due to the make up of the glass units. Easier to clean without protruding structure. Its transparent nature makes it style less so there is no clash with the existing building. From the outside you can see straight through a GlasSpace making it almost invisible.

Do I need planning permission for my GlasSpace?

In some cases you will not require permission. Anything up to a 70 cubic metres extension on a detached house and 50 cubic meters on a terrace house is classed as a permitted development. There may be exceptions to this rule i.e. in conservation areas etc.

How strong are the GlasSpace panels?

Most people don’t realise how strong a material glass is. Our double glazed units are made from a 12mm and a 6mm sheet of toughened glass. Toughened glass is many times stronger than regular glass. The panels can easily be walked on making cleaning very easy and while slightly nerve racking on your first outing you soon become comfortable with the process. Should a toughened Glasspace panel be broken, it would shatter into small glass particles in accordance with The Glazing Federation requirements.

How do we replace a broken panel?

Replacement of individual broken panels can be achieved simply by the removal of the broken unit whilst supporting the surrounding glass, preparation of the peripheral surfaces & either by hand or mechanical system locate the replacement glass panel. All final seals & weatherings are completed with the same materials & specification as the original construction.

What is toughened glass?

Toughened or tempered glass is simply ordinary float glass heated to about 650ºC then quenched with air jets so that the surfaces are cooled quickly and the inside core more slowly. At room temperature, the core continues to cool. The surfaces go into compression and the core into tension. In the unlikely event that the glass breaks, the core releases tensile energy resulting in the formation of small harmless glass particles. Toughened glass is used in side and rear windows of cars, as well as glazing in buildings.